Looking for an Adult App Market? Here’s a List of the Leading Options

Mobile applications are gradually taking over the world, but there is one industry that has difficulties of distributing its apps. This is of course the adult app market, which remains limited by restrictions from leading app stores that just don’t want to be associated with the XXX arena. Yet porn evidently cannot be stopped. After fruitless attempts to fit adult features to the restrictions of mainstream stores, the adult industry has shifted its attention to creating new app markets, designed especially for mobile XXX apps.
The following list includes the leaders of this new trend. All of these 5 sites deal with adult applications and nothing but.

Fuckedapps market

  1. FuckedApps.com is probably the most innovative adult app market online. It is a top-notch portal that specializes in premium sex apps in a variety of categories including mobile porn videos, mobile photos, naughty E-mags and mobile webcam sites. The biggest advantage of FuckedApps is the fact that all of the applications featured online are also manually reviewed by the site’s experts. This means that you can have all the relevant information about the app, down to exact membership options and prices, even before you download. Also, all of the porn apps on this adult app market are completely free. You may still need to pay on the mobile sites, but the store itself has no subscriptions, no fees and in fact, you don’t even need to register in order to enjoy full access.
  2. Mikandi.com is a huge XXX app portal that deliver advanced applications to all mobile platforms. The site also has some additional categories such as games and social, but there is usually something naughty about these mobile sites. Users can browse the categories even without registration, but in order to purchase an app, you must be a member. There is no membership fee though, and signing up is quick and easy, and users are encourages to rate and review the apps that they download. This site features both free apps and paid ones, and in order to pay you will need to purchase Mikandi Gold, which is the site’s designated currency. Also note that the site does not review the apps and anyone can upload an app to the store.
  3. AdultAppMart.com is an adult app market for Android devices. Just like the former store on our list, this mobile site also uses its own unique currency and here it is simply titled “credits”. Users may purchase credits and use them later on to buy apps. There are some free porn apps on offer, but for the most part, users will need to pay a low fee to download the app that they want. This site is not bad, and it certainly features many of the popular applications in the XXX niche, but the categories are not completely clear. Comics, webcams, pics and sex app advice apps are a matter of mix and match, and this isn’t convenient, especially because no advanced search tools are available.
  4. AppZoom.com is the only serious and mainstream app store that offers an adult app category. It does it so naturally that one must wonder what makes other app stores make such a fuss. The adult app category is clearly labeled and users will be able to find quite a few interesting options, both free and paid. Note though, that this is a fairly large category and it clearly includes every “naughty” app, so it deals with a lot of different types of applications: Strip poker, adult dating, adult webcams and even games that feature nudity. This adult app market is professional and clean looking and it is certainly a very reliable choice.
  5. SexAppShow.com – This is not a classical app store, but more of a mobile portal that allows users to download videos or pictures as apps and then keep them handy on their iPhone, Android or iPad. Just like apps, but not exactly the same. That said, there are a lot of vids and pics to choose from and they certainly feature some of the biggest names in the adult industry. The site is user-friendly and will work perfectly on all mobile platforms and users that change their device or lose it, can still access all of the applications by entering their user name and password. Users can choose between purchasing single “apps” and paying a membership fee for an unlimited access.